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Workout for women during hormonal imbalance days

Workout for women during hormonal imbalance days
Woman doing workout at the gym with trainer

Please follow the routine in the above video.

Exercises to be avoided

Just like certain activities may be more appropriate to participate in during your “this time of the month”, there are also some exercises you may want to avoid. That said, many women will be able to continue with their normal exercise routine with just some minor adjustments.

In general, you should reduce training stress and volume during this time. This doesn’t mean to stop training — to the contrary, this just means to cut back a little bit.

If you’re feeling unusually tired, you may want to cut back on intense cardiovascular or endurance-type training. During this time many women report experiencing an increase in rate of perceived exertion, so exercises that’re moderately difficult feel much more difficult during this time. It’s also ideal to eliminate skill and precision training during these few days.

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