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“Flatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.”William Arthur Ward

Who doesn’t like to get noticed? But, context of drawing attention would vary from person to person. Some might want to impress a girl/guy, some might want to impress their boss, some might one to be recognized as a superstar, and countless other reason. This is clear from the fact that every human being entering this world expects attention – Think of a screaming toddler drawing his/her mom’s attention. If a person feels that he is ignored, there are many factors that’s going to impact his lifestyle. When I speak of lifestyle, it implies everything including walking style, talking style, dressing style and even health habits. He feels isolated and he gets lost in a different world. Some of the most important conclusions from my research is includes that the subject starts stammering, starts experiencing sleeping imbalance, avoids crowd, looses appetite and the list goes endless. The word “Subject” is used to refer to anyone. My passion and inspiration towards human psychology dates back from 1998, when I first came across an article by Tony Buzan revealing some of the secrets of the amazing human brain. I feel that its time for me to express the world about some of the remarkable conclusions from my last 10 years research. This would not only try to help everyone analyse their mistakes, but also would make their life easier and happier. When I started penning down this article, the most important thing I had in my mind was that this article should bring smile to everyone’s life. Believe me happiness is the secret to success in life.

“Happiness” is a something that needs invitation. It seldom goes to the timid who are ever afraid of the consequences. Now lets ask for ourselves, “After all, what is this Happiness?” Does it mean that I’m happy because I have a glowing smile every time on my face? Does it mean that I’m happy because I’m very rich? Does it mean that I’m happy because I’m always tension-free? I bet, you cannot define the state of being happy to a cent percent! Do you remember the last time that you delivered a genuine smile? Exactly! You don’t remember! Just because no one ever cares to remember happy moments. This is the first mistake everyone does. The brain captures and retains all those negative moments. Why doesn’t the brain hold the happy moments in life for a longer time? This is because, you have never cared to prioritize the positive side of your life. Now did I say “You”? Yes! I did say “YOU!” Scientists say that the human emotion is autonomous. This means that emotion factors are independent and not controlled by outside force. Well, I have to say “NO” to this theory. Its time for you to know about your brain. Its your brain after all, and “You” have the controls to change it. I never meant that you should go and start learning about the brain anatomy and stuffs. Just that you should know what your brain is capable of. You would be amazed to know that there is not a single processor on this earth which can combat the human brain. I call the human brain as “Processor Infinite”. It can change your life.!

Its been proven a hundred times that “Positive Attitude” is the most important aspect of happiness. If you grab any book on self development, every author would have touched about the importance of being positive. This is the secret of most of the successful sportsmen. They have their mind-set to “Winning” always. Even they consider their failures as stepping stone to success. The secret to my successful career itself is the best example of me being positive. I never flunked any exams just because I never had a word called as “failure” in my dictionary. Negative attitude is man’s worst enemy. Failure comes to those who are never prepared to welcome “success”. If you have failed this time, its just because some negative aspects have crept into your brain and caused chemical imbalances in your brain. Why, in the first place did you allow the negative aspect to creep into your brain? Why could you not stop that damn Virus? Lets study this scenario by analysing. I had gone for my behind-the-wheels driving test a month back. I was confident that I’d get through the test. But, something really went wrong. If I had the confidence that I’d get through the test, what the heck had happened that day? The examiner came to me and told that some of my paper works were missing but she said she’ll still conduct the test. After she told me this, I became a bit nervous. I started thinking that I’d not get through the test. Oh My God! The Virus has infected me… So, as anyone would expect, I flunked the test. The next moment I knew that I couldn’t make through the test, I lost my appetite, I became restless, I started experiencing sleeping troubles, I lost my concentration at work, I lost interest to live.

Is this the same guy writing this article who couldn’t solve his own personal problems? Is this the same guy who is trying for the betterment of the others rather than solving his own issue? Oh Com’on! There is not a single person on this earth who is worry-free.

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