Pandemic 2020 – Was this a choreographed Act?

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Disclaimer: This unbiased article is based on my in-depth research into the current pandemic situation. Before you make any comment, please read my full disclaimer.


Dr Marty Makary, MD MPH quotes that Israel has conducted the largest study and found out that Natural Immunity is 27 times more effective than vaccinated immunity. And they re-corfimed with a 2nd study on 5th Dec 2021 the same.

PCR is a tool, not a test-A tool designed for research is being used as a test for diagnosis – anyone smell a rat?

A new statement from the sports world about covid-positive players being able to clear isolation with cycle thresholds above 30 rather than 35 has inspired a flurry of critical commentary on the net.

Don’t be fooled: news like this is periodically released to the public precisely to get arguments going. It greatly benefits the epidemic industry when people are arguing about the “proper” and “improper” use of the PCR “test.” If they’re arguing about the proper use, there must be a proper use, right?


Criticism of a test run at 35 cycles merely gives the public confidence in the fallacy that a test run at 30 cycles provides a valid diagnosis of covid19. And so the truth is obscured – the truth that no PCR result means anything at all, regardless of number of cycles run, because PCR is a research tool, not a diagnostic test.

Right now I will not even get into the issue of what they are currently amplifying with the PCR technique when they run these “tests.” Suffice it to say that it is a genetic sequence which is not specific to any “virus,” but which is found in many microbes throughout nature, and within many parts of the human genome itself. In other words, when you test positive, you have no idea what you are testing positive for. Perhaps you are just testing positive for being human. However, don’t be too sure about that: even papayas have tested positive.

The PCR research tool was first misused as a diagnostic test during the “HIV epidemic.” The absolute best way to understand what is happening now, during the “covid epidemic,” is to understand what happened then during the “HIV epidemic.” This interview with Dr Karry Mulis is a good introduction to the subject. Let’s not overestimate these people: despite the amount of damage they can cause, the creators of “epidemics” are not very creative. They are using the same template for sars-cov2 as they used for HIV. Very little has changed—only the scope of the deception has increased.

One last thing: it is not true that information about cycle thresholds has been hidden from the public. Those who are saying this are misinformed. Fauci has admitted, the CDC itself has admitted, that a PCR run above 35 cycles has no value whatosever. Listen to Fauci admit it here.

Why would they admit it, when even now most test-kits available on the market amplify 40x or more? Why so many contradictions, why so much confusion? Because we are supposed to be confused about how PCR works. We are supposed to believe that there is a “proper” and an “improper” way to use PCR for diagnostic purposes. We are supposed to believe that, if properly used, this research tool can function as a perfectly valid diagnostic test. We are supposed to believe that PCR can diagnose covid19, even though PCR is not, never has been, and never was meant to be used for diagnostic purposes!

That is why they would admit it.

It is a calculated admission – meant to mislead.

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